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Linden Propeller



".. It's been about a year now that we have had the Prop Press 360 and I wanted to tell you of our satisfaction with the machine. It does everything it was advertised to do and then some. In addition to bending propellers with ease we have also been able to generate income from straightening shafts and rudders.

The strength and power of the Prop Press 360 is impressive. Jack's engineering background with John Deere is evident. I often joke with my customers that the only difference between this machine and a John Deere s that our machine is painted blue.

We have tackled jobs that we would have previously turned down. Set up is easy and quick, and our work place is safer. Mark, our technician, appreciates the break from "Big Bertha", that monster sledge now on the back shelf.

Mostly, we have been impressed with your honesty and integrity. Your follow-up and genuine interest in our business success is very evident and much appreciated.

Thanks for all your help.... "


Tom Wood (President)

NorthCoast Prop Tech Incorporated

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