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Linden Propeller


"... It is not often we get the credit we deserve for a job well done.

I would just like you to know after working with the Prop Press 360 for a couple of years, it has proven to be a great asset to our business.

I really don't know how much time and manpower it has saved over swinging 16 to 20lb hammers, but I know the shop employees (who were tired by Tuesday) can make it through a five day work week.

What's appreciated even more is the safer work place. You are going to avoid the "oops" that happen with big hammers by pushing evenly with hydraulics. Another consideration is the time saved on each job by using one person instead of two.

With today's economic problems, it was originally hard to get myself to purchase this unit. Today, I can assure you with the quality of design and construction the monthly payments are well worth it. Considering safety and labor savings, this machine beats traditional hammer monkey methods any day.

Again, thanks for a great machine built with integrity and quality.

Jerry Gravesen,

Airmarine, Inc.

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