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Linden Propeller





Prop Press 500

This revolutionary design is quicker and a more efficient way to repair, do repitching and tune large motor yacht propellers as well as the offshore sport fish propeller market.

Our Prop Presses are successfully servicing propellers for the following major boat and propeller manufacturers.

    *Viking Yachts
    *Mikelson Yachts
    *Marlin Yachts
    *Rampage Sport Fish Yachts
    *Bertram and others
    *Acme Propellers
    *Jim Smith Sport Fish Yachts
    *Hatteras Yachts
    *Michigan Wheel
    *Spencer Yachts

Our own patented design is better for your propeller , as the Prop Press does all the straightening and manipulation without the use of heat, which can destroy the propellers structural integrity.

The Prop Press 500 series machine can remove the wrinkles and straighten your propeller in less time than the old cave man method of a twenty pound sledge hammer.

Specification data

Physical Specifications:

  • Size: 68” W X 58” L X 89” H
  • Weight: 3800 # Approx. Depending on optional accessories
  • Maximum Propeller Clearance Dia. 52”
  • Clearance Height 19.8”

  • Ram Cylinders:

    Our own custom design allows for low profile and balance.

    Bore Size:  3”
    Tonnage:  20 Ton @ System Pressure
    Rod Diameter:  2 inch
    Stroke:   21 inches

    Power Unit:

    Enerpac:   Runs on demand, whisper quiet.
    Electric Motor:  120 v 50 Hertz European or 60 hertz U.S. power grid
    System Pressure:   6,000 psi
    Controls:  Low voltage electric Push Button

    Optional Accessories:

    Gives you the ability to work on larger propellers

    The Prop Press 360 & 500 is the only machine in the propeller repair industry to offer the ability to work on propellers with multi blade and severe overlap conditions. Got a good idea? We will make your ideas become reality.

    Operation Features:

    Hydraulic pump runs on demand. No background noise, allows you to think straight. Just plug it into the 120 v. 20 amp. Wall outlet and go.......

    Ram cylinder assemblies and arch assemblies are on rollers and closely balanced for ease of adjustment.

    Wireless remote control makes it easy to position yourself for best sight advantage.
    This is a “one man process”.


  • Totally wireless operation. No cords or pendants to get in the way
  • No heating required. Yields better structural integrity
  • One man operation, Reduces the manpower over other archaic methods
  • Reduces finish time, no deep hammer marks to be welded or ground out
  • Latching relays assure quick and full activation of hold down cylinders
  • Custom attachments allows for successful working of severe overlap blade conditions
  • Ergonomics allows for no physical back strain
  • Quiet working environment, no heavy hammering
  • Employees will look forward to repairing those nasty nibral propellers
  • Enerpac Hydraulic Components offer worldwide support. Enerpac is the world leader in fluid power technology.